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At Madison, WI Roofers our number one priority is always the customer. We take great pride in every job we do and aim to exceed your expectations by offering the best prices, services and quality.

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Badgerland Roofers is a full-service roofing and gutter company in the Madison, WI area. We focus on first-rate services for all of our customers. From start to finish, we manage all aspects of every residential roofing project we undertake.

Our skilled roofing contractors are ready to complete your roofing job with the highest quality of craftsmanship.

As a main protective barrier between your home and the rain or snow, a properly-functioning roof is imperative to have and should be sustained by a Madison roofing contractor with a steadfast dedication to quality.

​Roofing issues can be complex for a residential roof, so let us assist you through every phase of repairing, installing, and roofing your home. We take pride in providing our customers with a positive experience, from the initial contact to the clean-up and beyond.

What Makes Us Different


Our willingness to be transparent is something that you rarely see these days. When we build or repair a Madison roof we are very upfront and honest with our clients. We let them know the price they will pay, what we will be doing and why we will be doing it. We have no hidden agenda and you will never be charged any “Gotcha” fees.


As a local roofing contractor we understand our business is built on our reputation. And that’s why we take our job very seriously. Ask around and you will find that we are known for being professional, reliable and hardworking.

When we take on a project you can be sure it will get done right. We never cut corners and we always use the best materials available. We not only want to meet your expectations, but we hope to exceed them by providing the best roofing repair services Madison, WI has to offer.

We Offer Multiple Solutions

Unlike other roofing companies, we aren’t trying to milk you for all we can. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service at the best possible price. With that being said, we will never suggest a service you don’t need.

We will offer multiple suggestions and allow you to make the decision based on your budget and needs.

Types of Storm Damage to Your Roofs

Due to the weather patterns in Madison your roof is constantly under a lot of pressure. Extreme heat, high winds and winter snowstorms can render your roof ineffective and in need of repairs. Here are 5 signs of roofing trouble you should never ignore.

Water Spots On The Ceiling

Not always, but at times, strong winds do affect the shingles badly. Heavy winds can leave a crevice in your roof which might go unnoticed, so it is absolutely necessary to perform an investigation on your roof areas when experiencing a heavy storm or else it can bring more trouble during the next hailstorms.

Cracking Shingles

If you notice your shingles have started to crack, that’s a sign the granules have worn off and need to be replaced. If it’s too soon for your shingles to be nearing the end of their lifespan, check your warranty to see if they are still covered.

Water Spots On Exterior Walls

Anytime you see water spots it’s usually a sign of trouble. Water spots on an exterior wall means there is a problem with the flashing where the roof meets the wall. The flashing is either rusted, loose, or damaged in some other way.
Pay close attention to the water spots. If they get worse after it rains it means the problem is more than likely with the flashing. While it is possible to replace the flashing yourself, it is not recommended as it can be quite difficult. It will require roofing skills to ensure the leak is stopped.

Missing Shingles

If you notice missing shingles it could be due to one of two reasons. Either the sealant strip has been damaged or you have a critter running around on your roof. Animals running around on your roof can cause some serious damage.
If you have tree branches touching your home, make it a point to have them trimmed back every so often.
The sealant on the underside of the shingles is responsible for holding it in place. Over time, as the shingles become old and brittle, the sealant may start to fail. When this happens the shingles become more likely to blow off.
If you notice loose shingles have them replaced immediately. If left untreated it will lead to water leaking into your home.

Types of roof

Is your roof quite old now or something else? Doesn’t matter for what reason you want a roof replacement, but when you do that you would consider a shingle type that stays in your budget and also that stays for a longer time. With so many options around, it becomes a challenging task to choose one, and further difficult to find the ideal one for your property. One shingle might be easily available in your region, however, it might not have good weather-resistant stamina. The better one might not be available at your place. However, we will manage everything; from getting the appropriate shingles to managing the installation work in your budget. We have an extensive list of roof shingles ready for you so that you don’t have to waste your precious time searching for things. Check here:

Shingle Installation

They are the most popular choices among the home residents. There are several reasons for this, but the one that tops the list is the longer life expectancy. Asphalt shingles when vented and installed properly can stay up to more than 20 years. Yes, you heard it right. However, as mentioned the installation process is crucial and which is why you must always hire professional hands like ours to get the most out of your investment. In addition to longer life, they look aesthetically appealing. When it comes to cost, they are cheaper than most of the roofing materials in the market.

Shingle Replacement

If you are a nature lover, then slate roofing would be an ideal option for the roofs of your residence. Well, you will love it because all the types of slate roofs; hard or soft are made from natural stones and hence, will give a natural look to your living area. Just like Asphalt shingles, they too, have a longer life expectancy, nonetheless, they are a little expensive because of the stones. Know that a range of color options are available with this roofing type. Further, it is environmentally-friendly, and the installation work costs no pollution problems. So, this one’s a better option to consider.

Leaky Roof Repair

Aluminum and steel metal roofs are a wonderful choice not because they are durable, but the fact that they come with fire-resistant properties. What is more in the store with this roofing type is that they have extraordinary strengths as compared to slate and asphalt shingles. Also, it would not be wrong to quote that if a good quality material is used and professional hands are applied, it can last for a lifetime. They look beautiful and are maintenance-free as well. Apart from this, they are highly energy-efficient as they reflect the heat into the atmosphere.

Roof Inspection

Tile roofs are another option that is a bit different from the rest of its kind. A retro touch, wide-ranging color, and texture choices, and, most importantly, it is quite affordable. They can resist the hailstone of up to 2 or more inches. Further, they reflect fire-resisting properties. When it comes to maintaining it, we can say that the maintenance cost and effort required are minimal. They can be round or flat, made of concrete, clay, or rubber. However, each type has a longer life. A well-installed and constructed tile can last up to half a century. Isn’t it great?

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Madison Roof Repair

Badgerland Roofers is renowned as one of the top roof damage solution providers. We take pride in saying that the residents and the commercial owners of Badgerland Roofers trusts us with every roof-related problem, and why shouldn’t they as we strive hard to address all their needs and give them an affordable roofing experience. So, end your search for roofing companies near me because we heard you. We have enough manpower, and all of them are dedicated to providing excellent service whether your project is big or small. We also have a special team ready for the people needing roofing contractors during emergency periods. We want to let you know that we have no extra charges for providing such immediate services.

Roof Repair

We are professional roof repair experts, and we give our word that we will give a new soul to your old leaky roof. For residential structures, we treat everything like Gooseneck vents, Skylights, Plumbing vents, Wall flashings, Valleys, Fascia, soffit, Eave, and gutter aprons. In addition to this, unlike many other companies in the town, we undertake commercial roof repair projects along with residential projects. We have experts and expert services ready for Schools, Huge conglomerates, Shopping malls, Business units, etc. Constant communication with clients while working on any project is one of the traits. Call us now and let our leaking roof repair team assist you.

Roof Replacement

The first question that pops into anybody’s mind who is planning for installing a roof is “how much is a new roof going to cost me?”. Roof replacement work requires intense planning and dedicated effort. An amateur or a local company might seem a convenient option. Also, they might get the work done before time, however, you will definitely end up regretting later which is why we want you to have a comparison of our roof replacement cost Madison, WI with your previous company. Besides, have a check on product quality, materials, craftsmanship, etc, and decide yourself what’s the best for you.

Gutter Installation

Apart from providing roofing solutions, we are also widely known as a Siding installation and replacement company. The siding on the exterior sides of the walls is a wonderful option to avoid cracking and peeling that occurs as a result of contraction and expansion. Our customers have always appreciated our affordable siding services. A range of options is available when it comes to siding. Our siding and roof repair leak team will add protection and value to your home. We assure you that our siding work will withstand all the weather conditions and will enhance the life of your exterior walls. Also, you will get all of this at a very economical price.

Residential Roofing

When it comes to the living place nobody would want to compromise and we, certainly, agree with it. After all, it’s where you spend most of your time so it deserves nothing but the best. We perform minor to major roofing tasks on residential sites. Our workers can provide leaking roof repair service. In addition to this, we have a special team ready to work with the damages done because of stubborn weather conditions. In simple words, you can also call us for services of storm roof damage or roof damage from wind. We have gained expertise in storm damage roof repair and restoration services.

Roofing Installation

We specialize in treating all kinds of building and office areas, be it big or small. We begin our work by investigating the place since it is the foundation of any successful roofing project. Next, if needed, we fix the holes to protect the interior of the building. Right after fixing the leaks, we move towards finding the root cause of the problem. Our contractors leave no effort to determine the perfect solution and at the same time, they take care of your budget. So, if you are interested in getting any roofing service for your working place, call our customer support team to get the roof estimate now!


If you are planning to hire roofing contractors for roof repair or installment work, then we would suggest you step back and think for a while. We always are concerned about our precious clients which is why we are here with frequently asked questions. The reason we strongly suggest you ask questions before saying yes to roofers is that roofing work, especially, the installation job is going to cost you huge, so you must know whether or not you have assigned the task to the right hands.

Over the years, we have seen many clients getting duped by their roofing tile companies. This could have been avoided if they had considered asking a few questions, especially regarding insurance. So, if you don’t want to be on the list of such victims, follow our advice and start targeting your contractor with questions. Their answer would help you decide if they are worth hiring. We are professional roofers Madison, therefore we have always satisfactory answers for all the questions which are being asked by our clients. Because you deserve nothing but the good, we have done the homework for you and listed down a few questions that you should ask your contractor. Check here!

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How much does a new roof installation cost?

Well, to be honest, the answer would be different for different clients. This is because several factors must be taken into consideration before deciding the cost. To commence with, the type of products is one of the important factors. Say, quality material is definitely going to cost you a little more than the cheaper one.

A word of advice here will be to always hire professional roofers like us who prefer top-notch quality products so that the clients can be at peace. Further, supplies, the labor, cost of trusses and framing, shingles and underlayment, etc will also contribute to the installation cost. Know that, if you are planning to go for a metal roof, you might want to have a higher budget.

How much roofing do I need?

Well, we don’t have to say that you should never miss asking this basic question to your roof repair company. The reason is obvious that with the increase in the number of materials used, there will be a surge in the amount of money that you have to pay for the work. So, it would be a nice idea to determine the surface area and other things like the pitch, height of the roof. Calculating these things will give you an idea regarding how much materials you require to cover the area. These days, roofing calculators are easily available on the internet, you can use one, too.

How do I calculate the height and pitch of my roof?

Well, the Madison roof repair contractor who you are going to hire will definitely measure the height and pitch of the roof, but that doesn’t imply anywhere that you don’t have to do it. Having these measurements ready in hand will let you know whether or not your contractor is overcharging you by narrating the false measurements. So, doing a little work yourself would be for everyone’s good. The task is easy, you definitely don’t have to climb on the roof. You need to take a weighted string and start measuring your attic from the ground surface. See, that’s simple!

How to get insurance to pay for roof replacement?

Your soulmate might not help narrow down the list of your research “roofing companies near me insurance claims”, but we will for sure. This is because we know that claiming insurance is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, it is important to have an insurance company ready in case, something goes wrong. Over the years, we have helped several people with roofing insurance claims in Madison. We take the utmost care with filing documents and other paperwork so that you can have hassle-free insurance claiming process. So, just hire us and see how things go right with your roofing project.


What do our customers say?
I wanted someone to fix a couple of minor leaks in my old roof. The team was fantastic from beginning to end. They were very punctual and dedicated while working. I am extremely satisfied with the finished product. They were worth hiring. I appreciate their services and recommend them to anybody who wants a satisfactory roofing job.
- Angela W.

I was going through local roofing reviews on the web and came across the client testimonials of Badgerland Roofers. I thought of giving it a shot. Well, I made a wonderful decision calling them as the team is extremely professional and courteous. On-time, on budget, what more good do you want from the world?

- Stephanie M.

It was a real pleasure to work with Mark and his team. I hired them for roof installation and siding work at my residence. I was extremely concerned about the budget, but they made it easy for me. They have done a wonderful job with the siding thing. I’m receiving extremely good compliments from my neighbors. Go for them, guys!
- Rodney P.

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Our crew is committed to giving you enduring quality by being the best at what we do, which is putting a roof over your head. We have been in the roofing business for many years, and we know there is nothing that protects your residence better than a quality roof.

A properly-installed roof keeps the elements out that can damage not only the outside of your home, but the inside as well.

If you are unsure of what roofing system is best for your home, we provide you with the information necessary in selecting the right one. Our first-rate work, along with our use of only the top roofing systems, is what makes us different than other Madison residential roofing contractors.

​If you need roofing services for your Madison, WI residential property, use Badgerland Roofers.

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